Mezzogiorno Restaurant
Mezzogiorno Restaurant


Mezzogiorno Restaurant, New York, New York
Mezzogiorno Restaurant, New York, New York
Established in 1987 on the corner of Spring and Sullivan in the heart of Soho, Mezzogiorno has earned a reputation as one of New York's most alluring and genuine restaurants.

Mezzogiorno is the greeting and meeting place for the Downtown art and fashion world and continues to attract a loyal, distinguished and eclectic clientele. In spring, summer and autumn, Mezzogiorno opens its door for "al fresco" dining on the outdoor patio and sidewalk café.

Mezzogiorno's ingenious Tuscan formula, under the direction of Vittorio Ansuini and his sons Lorenzo and Nicola, has proven to be a lasting success.

Authenticity and simplicity are central themes of Mezzogiorno's cuisine and philosophy. Our menus offer a selection of both classic and innovative dishes. These enticing recipes are prepared with the highest quality ingredients which follow the seasons, a culinary approach that ensures the produce is at its peak both in flavor and freshness.

Acclaimed Florentine architect Roberto Magris created a whimsical and memorable interior. One Hundred artists were commissioned to interpret the restaurant's them of warm summer days. Their Cornell-like boxes -- containing paintings, objects and collages -- form an intriguing puzzle that is on display along the walls of the dining room. The dramatic centerpiece of the interior is the giant ceramic mask that adorns the wood burning pizza oven. All the interior furnishings were imported from Italy, including the antique Florentine bar.

Mezzogiorno's authentic and informal Florentine ambience is a ticket to Tuscany right here in New York City.